The story is about a baby elephant who woke up without a mother’s warm embrace and decided to go out to find her. The question is, who finds whom?

Winter, the baby elephant, woke up alone in a new world. Luckily, some friends will come along on the quest to find mom.

On their journey, as they try to figure out how to find Winter’s mother, they all try to teach Winter their ways. The monkey teaches how to swing from tree to tree, the lion how to roar, the giraffe how to look over the trees, and the eagle how to fly. In the end, with the help of a tortoise, Winter finds out that mom is always home. And home is in your heart.

Inspired by real-life experience, Winter is a story of maternal love and a way to deal with grief.


About The Author

Vanessa Urena was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in NYC. Growing up, she always dreamed about being many things, but two things stuck around; her passion for writing and books and a fascination for history. 

In one month, she wrote and digitally illustrated her first book, Winter, a children’s book. It’s a book inspired by grief and love.  

Today she is CEO of Pontis & Co., getting a bachelor’s in business Law and planning her next book and social enterprise. 

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